On Accessing Art as a Amateur: Andrea Mantegna

Andrea Mantegna, Lamentation Over the Dead Christ, c. 1480

There are several representations of Christ throughout the art world throughout the centuries throughout the world.Depictions of him carrying his cross and being on the cross are popular images. The suffering, the selflessness of his dying breath is a image that several artists have sought to portray in such as way that makes this Christ figure a person you can not forget immediately after gazing upon their version.

Jesus Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, born of a virgin but also the son of God who is something of a sacred person to paint or recreate through art. He is not your everyday man. But here he is not God like. Gone is the son of God. And here lays a body. A shell.

A ordinary man who bled and was beaten. Even without knowing the title, it would be obvious that this is Jesus because of the wounds on his hands and feet. Here Jesus is like anyone else: dead and gone. Here he is ordinary.The life washed out by the deathly white coloring of his skin. As the women lament over him, he is but an ornament of their grief.

More about the artist: Andrea Mantegna

A Khan Academy video on the painting and more

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