Field trips for The Art Student At Heart: The Last Bookstore

Regarding the principles of design I’ve been thinking on how they show up in not only our creative endeavors but our daily lives…There’s the question: can being aware of these principles help us make judgments and decisions about our surroundings while observing and navigating through life?

I’ve been reading up and learning about more of the different principles of design and two of them include balance and unity. I believe we totally use the principles of design in our daily lives and creative endeavors without even being aware of it. This weekend I visited the Last Bookstore located on Spring street in downtown Los Angeles. It’s a building which houses many, many books: old and news. It also houses vinyl records and lots of art that’s tucked away in nearly every corner or featured on every wall and in some space inside.

One reason why this place is so appealing is because of the many art installations within: there are several using books-actual books, to create a arch that tunnels you further into the room. Another installation is a shelf covered in books with an opening in the middle where you can look out of, touch the shoulder of a friend and even pose for a photo.

It forces you to interact with others — with your friends or total strangers.(As the arch forces you to walk through the tunnel which is big enough for several people to walk through at a time) It’s art that you can touch. It’s art that has a unifying theme: books. Books being used as mini structures within a bigger structure. I felt a little in awe moving through this enormous space and being around these pieces. I daresay I even say rhythm: repetition with these books being of the same size roughly to fit perfectly together to be used.

Using my example above of the art installations in the bookstore, I took notice all the details and took pictures to look at and study later. I like to think that as an amateur art critic, I had a bit more insight than the average visitor. I saw how the art installations were effective in making the space memorable and a sight to return to and talk about: making that store and that street a place where it can not only be seen as a business but as a space for art for a time to come.

Photography by Carrie McClain. Please don’t use photos without permission.

Please be advised that a portion of this post was originally posted elsewhere with more photos here.

Official website for The Last Bookstore

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